Texas small farmers & ranchers Community based organization

A Community Based Organization Strengthening outreach, resources, and opportunities for current and future black farmers.

Texas Small Farmers & Ranchers


Texas Small Farmers and Ranchers (TSFR) is a Community Based Organization established to reach the goals of strengthening USDA outreach efforts to limited resource, traditionally underserved, and underrepresented farmer and rancher customers to ensure USDA and coordinate program delivery outreach efforts in counties throughout Texas. This CBO is actively accelerating assistance to minorities, females, limited resource producers, veteran, beginning farmers, and ranchers by providing outreach assistance in receiving information, technical and program assistance from USDA, state and county agencies as well as various Texas universities.

Online Cources

At your pace learning and development tools built just for you.

Direct Support

Continuous support and resources that enable information and access.

USDA Certified

USDA is a key contributor in supporting & developing our programs.

Our Mission

TSFR/CBO Outreach Core Functions towards the underserved farmers and ranchers community are:


To develop and deliver effective communication strategies to promote USDA outreach efforts that provides access to USDA wide program related information, communication vehicles and resources

Program Delivery & Service

To develop, manage, coordinate and support national level outreach initiatives, programs and activities that provide information and technical assistance and to underserved USDA constituents.

Education & Training

To develop and deliver effective education and training that serves as a linkage to USDA wide programs.

Outreach & research

To acquire, collect, develop, analyze and disseminate new knowledge, data and information related to USDA outreach activities to underserved constituencies.

Where we can help

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We are ready to help black families, communities, and individuals today.

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This work takes everyone. Our partners are diverse and intentional.

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